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No Job
No Insurance
No Food
No Money for bills

Faith Hope Love
All that is left!


Be seen and not be heard…..Has anyone heard this statement?

It seems like it was the requirement for children while I was growing up.

When kids were with each other, they could dream, live life, play, and laugh. When with adults, it was like there was no voice except the adults. It was a learning ground to say little, the less the better. Opinions were to be avoided at all costs, as that would mean you were somehow disagreeing, when in fact you might just have a different view on things.

What statements have you heard over the years that have formed your personality?




Are we all green at sometime in our lives?

We all are novices at one point in our life or another.

New graduate, new relationship, new wife/husband, new life, new shoes, new job, new home, new parent, new grandparent, new retiree, on and on the list goes on.

Is it new or just putting us at the right place at the right time, as the plan of God works out its majesty.

Some may be certain aspects, some may miss some.

My opinion is that we all have the green in us, its how we challenge ourselves to change the green into a rainbow.


A couple years ago I began a process that I think, should I say process that is changing my life in ways I could have never imagined. I began the process of becoming a Lay Associate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame. I had kept in contact with a few nuns that taught me in grade school in St. Paul, Minnesota, but never dreamed I would be joining them n the Charism, mission, and community of SSND in a faith changing way.
The sisters I knew were in their 80’s or older and they could, sorry to say, walk circles around me. As I visited the various communities of SSND in Mankato, Minnesota, Chicago, and St Louis, I began to look at my own longing , a lifetime ago, 40 years or so began at 8 or so, discerning if I too wanted to live a more faith filled life of the religious.

ImageIn my own journey finally being married, having a family, having a full time career as a medical scientist, I always kept close to my faith in many ways of commitment, service, and prayer. I really did not envision that devotion gaining any more momentum, as I, so I thought had been involved in a variety of things from choir, sacristan, lector, Eucharistic minister, small group prayers, leading retreats, even the scouts were a love and commitment. That all had to adjust as I started separation and divorce proceedings this last year after been together 32 years and married 27 to my high school sweetheart. There was no turning back as I continued with the process, and discerned all that is entailed with it. During those months I really tended to draw on my faith and the SSND community I had come to love for support, as past friends, church members, and others decided It was best to have no contact any further, and I had actually switched churches due to the fact I was somewhat embarrassed, shy, ashamed, and also very sad about the whole ordeal. Our family was even named Family of the Year 2011, during the week I had decided to move out of my own home. Wow what an irony, the family that everyone thought would last through old age was breaking up and no going back.
Then, after a week later, I received my mother had passed away in Minnesota, just another growth moment I thought to myself. After the funeral there was no place to go in my mind, except the great longing to go to the Motherhouse in Mankato and retreat for a couple days, the sisters welcomed me with open arms, as is their charism.
Several months later, living a condo, developing a whole new life I was covenanted as an Associate in Chicago. It was a wonderful ceremony with lots of unexpected surprises only God could orchestrate. Joining with the School Sisters of Notre Dame as an Associate means so much to me in carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ with the spirit of the SSND foundress, Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger to bring all into oneness with God and assist others to grow into the fullness of their potential. This reminds me of the fact I am always learning, growing, and stretching myself to experience all God has to offer.
EMBED MSPhotoEd.3 EMBED MSPhotoEd.3Image

Who can be an Associate?
An Associate is a woman or man, 21 years of age or older, who wishes to share with the School Sisters of Notre Dame in faith, prayer, and spiritual growth. An Associate has a desire to live the spirit of SSND and to further the SSND mission of proclaiming the good news by directing her/his life toward the oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent.
How does one become an Associate?
During the Pre-Associate preparation time, the prospective Associate can become better acquainted with the School Sisters of Notre Dame and with the SSND heritage, mission, and spirituality. After personal discernment and preparation, the Pre-Associate makes a covenant as an Associate for one year. The Associate renews her/his covenant annually.
Associate Covenanting Ceremony in Chicago, see pictures.

What does it mean to be an Associate?
The Associate makes a covenant to live the spirit and mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame through:
•Deepening personal and communal prayer
•Participating in SSND spiritual, educational, and social activities
•Extending the spirit of SSND in her/his respective ministry/lifestyle
•Sharing one’s gifts, faith life, and lived experiences with other Associates and with SSNDs
How can SSNDs and Associates enrich one another?

The School Sisters of Notre Dame and Associates:
•Support and challenge one another in living the mission of Jesus Christ
•Gather regularly for mutual sharing of faith, prayer, and reflection on SSND spirituality
•Attend local and province events and gatherings
•Enrich each other’s lives through mutual respect and caring relationships

Contact HYPERLINK “http://www.ssnd.org” http://www.ssnd.org for more information.

Kimberly A. Grady
Associate Chicago. IL, SSND

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.”

Wisdom, is it a gift from God, or possibly a gift for knowing and living life.
Is it a given gift to a few or to all? Some might say it is given as a gift to a few, while others
Distinguish who has wisdom and who does not.

When one reads the following definition of wisdom, it begs to challenge us to develop our own true understanding of the term and what it means to us personally.

Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of one’s emotional reactions (the “passions”) so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one’s actions. Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true or right coupled with optimum judgment as to action. Synonyms include: sagacity, discernment, or insight.

Well that does not even come close to just knowing everything from living ones life.
It is the culmination of all different aspects of maturity, passions, and judgment rolled into a neat little gift for all to open if they so choose.

What gift will you open?


Well hello al you bloggers out there, bet you thought I was not going to blog any more, no blogs since November 1,2011.

Some have commented about my birthday coming up, the big 50. Some even say I have another 50 to go. My first comment is what I have been pondering these dark winter months. The fact that there is so much loss including my home, dignity, reputation, children, husband, memories stored, love, peace, security, and numerous other things, and yes even money.

For what, to stand my ground, kept integrity, hurt, angriness, bitterness, and even depression that not being loved anymore is now the norm.

Who will be there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, to laugh, share the tears and the pain , joy and sorry. most are so caught up in their own worlds that there is no room for someone who is struggling or in need of help, or just a hug of encouragement is nice once in a while.

It has been said that when a husband dies the widow is watched and taken care of, not sure where that leaves me in the scheme of things, especially when there are others that have not contacted me in a year or so, even to kindly ask, “Are you doing ok, can I help.”

I guess 50 really means, standing up for what is right, no matter the cost, standing alone and firm no matter what the gain or loss, having faith that everything is God’s plan and no anyone else’s.
The ability to take all the bullshit, turn it into manure and work darn hard to grow something out of it, even if you are the lone farmer doing it on an old tractor.

The tears come frequently, but I guess they are just feeding the soil.

Green Jeans Grady…..

Have you ever come across someone that you encountered that no matter what you did, good, bad, nice, mean, positive or negative, there was no way you could succeed in the relationship. would you consider it a relationship, or a painful reality that you would never accomplish that you thought was a good outcome?



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